The Gourd Art Gallery presents the powerful Gourd Art designs of Artist Deborah Easley

Gourd Art

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Painted Gourds

by Deborah Easley
Egyptian Spirit People

Welcome to my gourd art gallery. The gourds presented here blend together ancient, sacred and archetypal images with the primordial essence of the gourd itself.

In my rendering, I attempt to magnify the gourd's inherent and natural beauty through the use of contemporary and historical gourd art media. Each piece of gourd art is "alive" with a life of it's own, only to be enhanced by one's imagination. Enjoy the gallery!

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The Artist Deborah Easley
Gourd Art
"The Tiers of Beholding" by Stephen H. Haines. Beautifully Blends Stephen's Poetry with Deborah's Art.
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